Bring the real-world into your classroom and motivate your students to become collaborative and creative problem solvers! We offer a dynamic teaching tool complete with curriculum-linked, real-world problems for your students to solve and a comprehensive delivery guide.

Co-operatives and Credit Unions

Connect with youth in your community while introducing co-operative values to classrooms. We are seeking "challenge partners" to bring co-operative learning to classrooms across Ontario, while helping students become driven, empathetic and engaged citizens.

Outside the classroom

If you are a Provincial Co-operative Association, summer camp, or youth organization, you can be a part of the Co-operative Minds experience. Provide leadership and team-building opportunities for youth, and connect with co-operative businesses in your community.

Why Choose Us

Our Mission

We strive to create innovative, dynamic and user-friendly teaching tools and to facilitate a co-operative learning journey for youth.

Our Vision

To build a deeper understanding of co-operative values and principles among youth, and explore how co-operatives can solve social, economic and environmental challenges.

Our Values

We believe in the co-operative principles of Education, Training and Information and Concern for Community, and are committed to citizenship values such as collaboration, inclusivity and equity.

Our Team

The Co-operative Minds team is a passionate group of Ontario certified teachers, co-operative educators and professionals working within the sector.

Participation Fees

For Teachers

$ 0 /y

  • Teachers - always free
  • Other Educators - please contact us for details

For Partners

$ 500-2000 /y

  • Tier 1: $500 for single branch co-operatives or credit unions with under 20 staff
  • Tier 2: $1000 for single branch co-operatives or credit unions with 20 staff or more
  • Tier 3: $2000 for multi-branch co-operatives or credit unions with 20 staff or more

Featured  Partners

Co-operative Minds is made possible by the generous partnership of