About Us

Why we do what we do

We are the Ontario Co-operative Association, and this is our mission:

To be the voice of co-operatives in Ontario, to achieve greater knowledge of the advantages of co-operation in society and in business, and of the advantages of the co-operative business structure.

To catalyze co-operation for the community, to achieve collaboration among co-operatives to identify and address community needs, and produce solutions implemented by the community, for the benefit of the community. 

To support co-operative success, to ensure a thriving co-operative sector, grow the size and scope of the co-operative sector, and build a sustainable organization.

OCA supports co-operative education with three target audiences in mind: those leading co-operatives or are employed in the co-operative sector, the general public and youth.

Engaging and educating our youth on the co-operative values and business model opens many doors for them personally and professionally, every day brings with it new opportunities for youth to learn and develop their skills and their understanding of the world around them.

About the program

The Co-operative Minds program consists of a suite of free lesson plans and resources developed by the Ontario Co-operative Association, to help introduce young people to the value of cooperation and the co-operative business model. 

Our team of creators includes Ontario certified teachers, as well as educators and consultants working in the co-operative business sector. Co-operative Minds uses the principles of integrative learning to inspire creative collaboration, encourage resilience and prepare students for the challenge of solving problems in their lives both professionally and personally.

Our Co-operative Minds Team

For questions about the Co-operative Minds program, click here to email our team directly.

Our Testimonials

Jeff McCallum 
Facilitator, Co-operative Young Leaders Camp

“Having the framework of Co-operative Minds was very helpful for the participants. I know that the groups used the worksheet to draw up their own projects. It was an excellent framework for them. I would like this to be part of the curriculum for the Visionaries going forward.”

Carol Fleming

Director, Co-operative Young Leaders Camp

“Facilitating and participating in the Co-operative Minds program this summer was fun, insightful and a wonderful opportunity to work with youth.  The process is clearly defined and all participants were eager to take on the challenge and share their thoughts and ideas with others."

Jake Elliott
Digital Marketing Coordinator,
Libro Credit Union

"As a facilitator, the program was simple to learn and a joy to facilitate.  The Co-operative minds program is integral to the future successes and growth of the co-operative sector...we highly encourage the engagement of all other co-operative businesses to support this program and assist in inspiring a brighter, more collaborative future."

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