About Co-operatives

What is a co-operative business?

A co-operative is one of the four recognized business types in Canada. A co-operative business is a legally incorporated corporation that is owned by its members, who use the co-operative's services or purchase their products. Co-operative businesses exist in every sector from the music industry, to day-care to IT services and provide virtually every product or service. Co-operatives can be incorporated as for-profit businesses, charities or non-profit enterprises.

Co-operatives are community-focused businesses that balance people, planet and profit. They are democratic and value-based by nature, and are often formed to fill a void within a community, to seize local opportunities and to meet the needs of its member-owners.

Whether the members are the customers, employees or residents, they have an equal say in what the business does and share in the profits.

Co-operatives keep dollars circulating within local economies, provide secure employment, and help revitalize, build and sustain healthy communities.

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