For Co-operative Partners

As a co-operative and credit union partner, your support allows us to continue to develop programming that will assist in teaching students about the value of cooperation and co-operative businesses in our world today. 

As co-operative businesses and credit unions looking to inspire and engage the next generation of members, staff and board members, you are the key to creating a co-operative learning path for young people. Our goal is to facilitate  opportunities for young people to engage with co-operatives in their communities, help them develop transferable skills, and gain a deeper understanding and awareness of co-operatives. 

For more information, download our Co-operative Minds Partner Brochure.

We also offer a Corporate Co-operative Minds Workshop for co-operatives interested in running the Co-operative Minds program with their staff, Board or leadership team. If you are looking for a tool to increase collaboration and creative problem-solving within your organization, contact

What does a Co-operative Minds partnership look like?

As a Co-operative Minds partner, you will be directly sponsoring the development and delivery of co-operative education programming to schools throughout Ontario.

Grade 2-6 programming has a focus on encouraging cooperation and good citizenship within the classroom.

Grade 7-12 programming introduces co-operative principles through process problem solving and co-design.

Our Co-operative Minds challenges explore themes such as financial literacy, sustainability practices, climate action, community building and social issues like affordable housing, food insecurity and DEI.

Our goal is to start youth on the right path to becoming the next generation of co-operative members, staff, board and customers.

    Examples of challenge questions.

    • "How can budgeting help young people be more financially successful?"
    • "How can we help increase access to affordable housing in our community?"
    • "How can we improve access to post-secondary education for youth in Ontario?"
    • "What is the most effective way to increase awareness of our organization through the use of social media?"

    Co-operative learning made easy.

    • Sponsor co-operative education in your region and across Ontario
    • Staff outreach and engagement opportunities available
    • Professional development with our Corporate Co-operative Minds Workshop
    • We work with you to promote Co-operative Minds to educators in your region

    Partner Benefits.

    • Increased brand recognition
    • Co-operative education and team-building opportunities for staff 
    • Engage the next generation of owners, members, staff and leaders in the co-operative sector 

    Our Co-operative Partners

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