Outside The Classroom

Co-operative Minds is available for youth programming and provides opportunities to teach transferable skills like problem-solving, communication, leadership and collaboration.

To find out more about how to add Co-operative Minds to your youth programming, contact our.team@cooperativeminds.ca

Our Testimonials

Jeff McCallum

Facilitator, Co-operative Young Leaders Camp

“Having the framework of Co-operative Minds was very helpful for the participants. I know that the groups used the worksheet to draw up their own projects. It was an excellent framework for them. I would like this to be part of the curriculum for the Visionaries going forward.”
Carol Fleming

Director, Co-operative Young Leaders Camp, Ontario, Canada

“Facilitating and participating in the Co-operative Minds program this summer was fun, insightful and a wonderful opportunity to work with youth. I am very happy to add the Co-operative Minds program to the CYL curriculum for all of our participants and facilitators next summer.” 
Jake Elliott

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Libro Credit Union

"As a facilitator, the program was simple to learn and a joy to facilitate.  The Co-operative minds program is integral to the future successes and growth of the co-operative sector...we highly encourage the engagement of all other co-operative businesses to support this program and assist in inspiring a brighter, more collaborative future."